Tell Me How To Write An Essay On A Film Properly


Writing an essay about a film can seem a straightforward affair at first. However, it is important to remember that writing an essay in relation to a film is much different than writing a film review. A review merely requires someone to passively watch a movie and then write about the direction of the movie, how well the actors played their parts, and how the film performed in telling its story. An essay requires a lot more engagement from the writer, an engagement that is beyond story telling alone.


Watching the Film

  • Obviously, the first task to undertake is to watch the film. Once you have watched the film you will have taken in the basic outline of the film and the story it told. Watching it again will give your more content for your essay.
  • Writers will be able to take notes as the movie plays again, and be able to look out for things they may have missed.
  • Rewinding, fast-forwarding, and pausing the movie is another ideal approach so you can make notes before moving on.

Engaging With The Film


Once you understand the basic premise of the film you can then attempt to engage with the film on a deeper level.

  • Writers will be able to focus on a single thematic concept that is related to the film.
  • Another approach could be to explain how the movie relates to a historical event.
  • Discussions can be made about any dramatic irony contained within the film.

Write Your Essay With The Film At Hand


Of course, watching the movie twice over will no doubt give you more than ample opportunity to make relevant notes on how you will complete your essay, but ensuring you have the movie at hand can make the writing of your essay a lot easier.

  • Despite having notes, it can be easy for certain facts to escape writers.
  • If you need to quote dialogue from the movie, you will be able to quickly check you are quoting it correctly.

Learn Any Necessary Film Jargon


As you will be looking at more than just the plot of the film to write an essay that enforces your point, it can be advantageous to learn the jargon used within the film industry.

  • Writers can write about subjective camera works if the film centers on a particular character.
  • The authority of the essay will be stronger using the correct terminology.
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