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It is practically pointless to tell a student who already has their mind made up that they are going to but their academic papers not too. In fact across the board students who are enrolled in High School, College, and University courses are choosing to buy their homework assignments online from professional writers. This practice known in academic circles as "outsourcing" is becoming increasingly common as instructors expectations for assignments get higher, deadlines tighter and curriculums increasingly difficult. Not to mention the always-rising cost of tuition fees paired with the overall cost of living; it is becoming harder and harder for students to focus on their schoolwork and not hold down at least part time employment. As unethical as it may seem that students are now making money in order to pay for their assignments, many anonymous students who were interviewed regarding this practice all generally said the same thing. "They had no other choice". Experts on the subject believe that there are two main reasons why students are choosing to buy their papers from online writing services.

A.) They need to bump up their GPA

B.) They need help meeting a tight deadline

Although it is easy to argue that these kids are just becoming increasingly lazy, it is hard to dispute the fact that they are also becoming a lot more resourceful than previous generations. That said, this kind of assignment writing service has actually existed underground of decades. In fact busy students or students who need help passing their classes have been buying their assignments long before the Internet. Back then, there were discrete writers for hire who could be commissioned to complete your assignment for you at a marginal rate. Connecting with these academic writers typically required individuals to know someone who had a connection to these paper-writing services. Even though the Internet allows these businesses to be a lot more visible in the public eye, it isn't a new practice and it isn't likely going to disappear any time soon.

That said, if you find yourself tempted to purchase an assignment off of the internet you are going to want to be careful. As this has become increasingly more common so have scams and "fake" writing services that simply get away with stealing the hard earned money of desperate students. Like any other service that you purchase online it is really a "buyer beware" environment and if you are not careful you may get scammed or find yourself accused of plagiarism because you handed in unoriginal content.

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