Military Research Papers - Finding Sources

Finding sources for any type of research paper is tough. A lot of students will tell you that the research part of a paper is the worst; it takes more time and effort that the writing, editing or any other task involved with doing a research paper. Finding sources that are reliable can be among the most hated thing for doing research. If you are having a problem with this, keep on reading for some tips on finding good sources. It’s not too difficult once you know what you’re doing and where you can look.

What can you do when you’ve got a good idea for a research paper, but it involves subject matter that will be hard to find sources for? For example, a military paper; the military is very secretive, and it would be hard to find anything up to date and concrete for your paper. Perhaps focusing on information that you know is already publically available or try writing about something in the military that happened in the past. Make it long enough ago that there are files you can find about that period in time.

Tips for Finding Good Sources

Other ways you can do your research is to trace back quotes and other figures. If you find a good website that makes a lot of farfetched claims, make sure that you see where they got that from, or where they are quoting from. If there is another site, a book or speech you can get your hands on, the more the better. Linking everything back to where it originated can help you with the validity problem. It also helps you find more research along the way, because you have to go through each source anyways; you might as well use them, too.

What do you think about research? If you have the right attitude and know what to expect, then you can get more work done. Instead of thinking how hard it is or how much you don’t want to do it, find something interesting about this paper that you can focus on. What ignites your passion? Another way to help yourself work better is to plan out your time. If you have a certain time limit per day for research and writing, know what you’re going to do and when. If you have it organized and laid out, you’ll be more productive.

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