The Difference between US and UK Writing Companies

There isn’t a whole lot that is different between writing companies with writers from Britain or writers from America. They both are native English speakers and both equally as skilled in writing, depending on the individual writer, not their country of origin. Students around the globe have similar problems with essay and research paper writing, and the technique is not very different at all. The same stress and anxiety is experienced by American and British students, as well as the same limits on their time and energy. For those students who just aren’t that skilled at writing, even hiring a writer from another English-speaking country may be a better option than trying to write your essay yourself.

So how are you going to choose which one to use? Keep reading for some brief differences between the two.

Style of Language

Since the US was under British control at its birth, their English was influenced by British tutors and a lot of people consider the English spoken in Britain to be superior, and the precedence of proper language. The way that the language has evolved and changed with popular culture over the years of separation after the US declared independence has made the languages ever more different. There are different vocabulary styles for both, and nothing is necessarily wrong with either, it’s just a personal preference.

Style of Editing

The British use Oxford style for their widely accepted standard of editing. Americans, on the other hand, are more commonly seen using APA and Chicago styles. The Oxford style is mostly used by publishing houses in Europe and the UK, and have looser rules compared to the other two. Chicago and APA seem to be stricter in their formatting for edits. It really depends on your needs for a particular assignment for what format you might want.


As a general observation, America, the ‘Land of the free’ is also referred to as the ‘Land of Greed’ because of the tendencies of businessmen and other professionals to overprice services. In most cases, Brits will only ask for a price that they think is just and acceptable for individual situations, without asking for more just because they can. Even when the customer is from America, Brits are often known for keeping their prices adjusted fairly, so that anyone is able to afford the services they’re offering.

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