How To Pre-Write A College Application Essay

When you are looking at prewriting a college application essay, one of the things that you will need to consider is the main function of the prewriting itself. Looking at the research, you will get to see that the good thing with prewriting is the fact that they go along way in helping to provide structure and further more giving meaning to both the research and for the topic. This is therefore what you do before you actually being writing the draft. When you settle on using these prewriting strategies or ideas, what you will actually be doing is that you will be organization ideas which in a way mean that you will be putting them together in a pre defined manner.

This means that by the time you will be going through them, you will naturally assume a flow since you will already had written these ideas before hand. This will be one way in which you will avoid getting stuck at any one point or even getting frustrated. When you are looking at avoiding such instances, the only solution that you would have is to go for the prewriting technique. If you want to know how to pre-write a college application easy, you will need to consider certain ideas which will help you in prewriting. These include:

  • Rewriting. When you are free writing, what you will be doing is that you will be jotting or typing down a summary for the topic which will be found in the sentence. This means that what you will be doing is writing anything that you will have in your mind. You will need to avoid thinking about anything else us keep writing until the time that you had set comes top an end.

  • Another technique that you can use is referred to as listing. In the process, what you will be doing is that you will be putting down all the ideas that you have since it will help you to gather new ideas as you will be crossing off the ideas that you will already have put down.

  • Clustering is another method that you can use when you want to know how to pre-write a college application essay. Here, what will be happening is that you will in the real sense of it be reading both thoughts and even things that you might have noticed.

When you opt to adhere to this, you will be assured that you will therefore be doing everything the right way.

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