Brainstorming Interesting Topics For Your Academic Article

You have been asked to write an academic paper, but you aren’t sure what topic you should write on. Here is some advice for brainstorming interesting topics for an academic article.

Consider Your Audience

The first thing that you should think about when coming up with a unique idea is, who will be reading it?

By taking into consideration your target audience you will be able to better meter what you should be writing about. If you main goal is merely to get a good grade consider a topic that will demonstrate your intelligence and academic merit. If you are also hoping to entertain your reader, and maybe publish your article you should choose subject matter that is universally interesting.

Consider Your Own Interests

Next, if you are going to spend your time writing an academic article you should make sure that it is about something that genuinely interests you. This will make the writing process much more enjoyable AND guarantee that you put effort in to the writing process.

Choose an academic topic that you have always been curious about. Try to write about something that you are intrigued by or are eager to investigate further. This will make the research procedure fun. Chances are, you will also be much prouder of the completed project if it is on a topic that you personally enjoy.

Think About Other Articles You Have Read

When coming up with an interesting topic for your academic article, think about other articles that you have read as examples.

What did you like about them? What didn’t you like? Taking these things into consideration will help you come up with a topic choice that is appealing.

While you are at it try to come up with an eye-catching title. Remember you want your article to be something that other people will actually want to read.

Settling on A Topic

If you take the time to consider your audience as well as your own interests and use examples to come up with a unique idea coming up with an interesting concept for your article should be easy. Basically, before you settle on a topic ask yourself “is this something worth writing about in depth?” If it is then chances are you have landed on a great paper concept! Now all you have left to do is write it.

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