Writing An Essay About Family Rules – Helpful Advice

Writing an essay about rules in the family can be enlightening. Every family unit operates a little differently, and how you are brought up can influence your entire life and your choices. Rules help a family to get a balance between respecting each other’s needs and getting what they want. The right set of rules will let children have freedom but at the same time help them to feel safe and loved. There is research that shows more safety rules leads to children having fewer injuries in the home.

Advice on writing about family rules

When you are looking for sources for your paper, think about some of these things. You can do more research to expand on these rules, as well as discussing dysfunctional families and how their rules differ. In a situation where children’s safety is put first, you would normally see these kind of rules:

  • Do sit down to eat
  • Do speak politely, use an indoor volume voice
  • Be home by the curfew
  • Always wear your seatbelt
  • Do not eat with your mouth open
  • Do not talk to strangers
  • Do not yell at or hit siblings
  • Do not play a video game before your homework is done

How you can write an essay about family rules

Figuring out how to make rules will depend on the age of the children, if there are both parents or a single parent, if there are many children or just one child. Think about how you were raised in your own family, and what rules there were. You could talk about some rules that you hated, some that later on you figured out why it was a rule, or even some that you followed without question.

The best way to complete this project is to write out all your notes and ideas so that you can form them into an outline. After you have organized everything you want to talk about, it will be easy to fill in the blanks and complete the first draft. If you work a little bit on it every single day, you will not have to face down an entire paper to write the night before it is due. Have a set time that you work on it and stick to your schedule in the block of time you have put aside. If you are free from distractions you can write better.

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