Five Amazing Ideas For A Research Paper In Environmental Science

Environmental science is not an easy or dull course, but exactly the opposite. It can be quite challenging and if you approach a topic right, it will be very interesting. You need to keep yourself away from the common topics that were already chosen by your classmates many times. Besides, you need to find a real engaging topic in order to make effective research. In order to be completely successful, find a subject that is really personal to you, that makes you really want to study deeply the facts. Here you have some amazing ideas for your environmental science project.

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  1. Pollution. This is one of the biggest problems that we are confronting in the modern era. The cars, the new technology, the factories and the chemicals that are introduced in our aliments; all these elements cause terrible damage to our planet and we can see how our natural resources are decreasing day by day. Analyze the matter and offer some realist solutions to some of the problems.

  2. Global warming. Make some research and discuss what the major consequences of global warming are. Also, there are many countries where the change of climate already affected the local fauna and the natural resources are being diminished.

  3. Grand Canyon. If you are interested in geology, this can be a perfect topic for your environmental science course. There are still many mysteries surrounding this place that scientists could not figure out. Talk about the forming of it the layers that are composing it and why geologists are so attracted by this particular canyon.

  4. Overpopulation. It is well-known that the Earth is, since decades, overpopulation. This not only leads to excessive pollution, but also to the degradation of the soil and the decreasing of the natural resources. Scientists came up with some ideas to control the overpopulation and to develop some renewable resources or alternative types of energy.

  5. Endangered species. Apparently, nowadays not less than 3079 species of animals are endangered due to excessive hunting, the illegal traffic of skin and animal products in some parts of the world or because of climate change. Many countries are making active efforts to try to stop this phenomena. They are not only trying to stimulate the reproduction of the few animals that still survive, but they are creating natural reservations where they are offering the perfect habitat for the renewal of the species.

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