What Is a Cause and Effect Essay

Perplexing essays will always find their way into college dorm rooms and have profound angles which must be implored properly before writing. One exciting essay which many college students love writing are cause and effect essays, the title describing the entire process. In short, when some event occurs which triggers one or several reactions, you’ve been given the proprietary means for writing this essay type. From tornadoes to politics, anything which has an action and reaction can implicate this essay style. We now examine what these really are.

A Closer Look

Society, nature and supernatural happenings trigger events. Events trigger positive or adverse reactions or results which then, of course, continue trickling other major happenings; the cycle is literally never ending. Basically, if something happens in life, you’ve got an instant basis for writing an essay. Seems quite simple, yet the arduous task of writing with proper delivery and format become the difficult portions of this essay style. Notwithstanding of other essay styles, you must actually put forth some deep thought into these essay because the information necessary for completion must be concise.

Narrowing Down Choices

Many people want the simplest route for writing cause and effect essays; therefore, taking the big picture and writing something about 1 catastrophic event may seem the easiest way. Instead of writing with broad pictures, narrow down choices to make your essay appear more intuitive. For example:

  • Instead of writing about earthquakes damaging bridges, talk about how damaged bridges caused deaths or property damages.
  • Perhaps an alternative to writing about how email turned into instant messaging would be writing about how instant messaging causes car accidents or even infidelity.
  • Writing about how cancer causes death is too broad; writing about how a cancerous death causes financially distraught families could be more specific for your essay.

More Specific Is Good

As we’ve outlined, identifying causes and effects is relatively simple; in fact, we learn these things rather early in adolescent education. What sets true cause and effect essays apart from each other is how specific you can write about various events and actions which resulted from those occurrences. Always follow general writing outlines which closely resemble theses, and stick to writing specific causes which occurred and their ensuing effects which either made profound impacts on people, nature, or caused other abnormalities to persist. In closing, writing only from your heart and based off research, and never directly copy samples which are provided to you.

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